In Tim Schmidt´s intimate catalog of folk and soundscapes 

the landscape meets the metropolis

Tim Schmidt has toured extensively across Europe as well released 6 solo albums for indie-labels in Canada, Germany and Sweden. In 2017, the Berlin-based musician and art critic, announces he is also working an album with new music. Since June 2017 he releases newer and older recordings on an regular but temporary basis. The lastest "Temporary Release" is out now.

When the Swede's organic folk music first emerged it was through his recordings and many visits at the European folk stages. A succession of time has led him to tapes, sounds of streets and backyards, birds, old-tvs and pumporgan fueled webs: dusty cinematic tales told by Tim Schmidt´s soft and gruffy crooner and his twangy baritone do-whops. The Songwriter is connecting his experiences from the upbringing in the Swedish forest with them from the european metropolises he has been living in since, without apart order or rule. Mantra-like solo-instrumentals are colliding with old-time guitars. The songs themselves are both intricate and naive acts created through a stream of consciousness-technique. 

Temporary Release
Previously unreleased recordings floats up streamable and downloadable for an unspecified amount of time; the collection changes. Temporary release, on-going from June 2017.

a rare loveletter


as follows: