Tim Schmidt Reviewed

Tim Schmidt Reviewed


One Small Window / Blog / India / 2014 Full playlist

"Mellow guitar musings from Swedish-born, Berlin-based musician Tim Schmidt".

Meadowmusic / blog / Sweden / 2013 Full review

“…varies between more traditional folk songs and songs where he with small means stretches and experiments with the format… “Everything is gonna be ok” is magical in it’s naked simplicity…” / Slovenia / 2013 Full review

”Folk made in a modern way”

The Janglebox / blog / Spain / 2013 Full review

”His music like… Nick Drake or even folk figures of the sixties like Cat Stevens or Donovan” / blog / USA / 2013 Full review

“Everything is gonna be OK” evokes an uplifting notion worthy of the title - it’s honest, not cloying, Nick Drake with a slight Swedish accent".

Swedesplease / blog / USA / 2013 Full review

"…gorgeous new song “Everything is gonna be OK”

From butthole with love / Japan / 2013 / Full review

Swedesplease / blog / USA Full review

”Tim Schmidt is a favorite of Swedesplease. In fact he’s a bit of an obsession…While it has some common elements from past records (that steel string acoustic guitar sound) and Tim’s unique voice; the single also has some strange new elements (weird overdubs, clipped vocals and found sounds)"

Radio Campus Paris / Radio / France

"The perfect album which could have been the soundtrack of Into The Wild !!"

Folk Radio UK / Radio / England full review

"It has that down to earth feel and an effortless wow factor/…/it’s a great big breath of fresh air that restores your faith in the contemporary folk/…/the beauty of which is akin to that of a Haiku.."

Meadow Music / Blog / Sweden Full review

" feels like he’s carved out his own americana niche. It’s an inspired album where he with a few tools pushes the borders by not “only” showing us beautiful finger picking, but experiments more with the backing and colours of the songs also with more instruments, overdubs and variations. It’s still stripped and naked and with his special, somewhat nasal Nick Drake-like vocals, but feels more spontaneous"

Song des Tages / Blog / Germany Full Review

"Tim Schmidt’s voice, songwriting and fingerpicking caresses the soul, and strikingly resembles the gentle art of a legend/…/ His songwriting, guitar playing and warm rasping voice strikingly similar route as the unassuming art of Nick Drake, was also in the overall package quite a mix of Bob Dylan, Michael Hurley and Jeff Buckley recognized. In any case, wonderful ‘simple’ songs as a light breeze caress the ear and soul and blues leave despite a good, grounded feeling"

SongsIllinois / Blog / USA Full review

"His voice (a cross between Dylan, Drake, and Jeff Buckley) is well suited to his fingerpicked guitar style. His songs are mostly unadorned acoustic guitar and voice/…/The songs themselves are wonderfully simple; they’re often tales of love, obsession and devotion"

The Jangle Box / Blog / Spain Full review

"…Tim Schmidt, a musician from Malmoe captivates us with his naked melodies, with the sole accompaniment of his acoustic guitars. Recorded in a Swedish forest, “Dog”, is his third album. An album of dyes acoustic environments that intimate, deep reflections about music and absolutely relaxed".

Record Dept. / Blog / USA Full review

"his wonderful new album, YaYa River retains many of the qualities that made his 2010 release so compelling – minimalist style, talented fingerpicking, and measured, nasally vocals. The twelve dark alt-country songs are spare but rich, ruminating on love and obsession among other things. Fans of Nick Drake and Bob Dylan will definitely enjoy this. Notable tracks include “Diamond Day” and “Most Peculiar of Dreams".

Record Dept. / Blog/ USA Full review

"Schmidt’s timeless, sometimes fragile songs are both unflinchingly honest and strikingly beautiful".

Uncle Sally´s / Musicmagazine / Germany // Grade: 7 (Magna Cum Laude)

"This piece of music is strongly recommended to all friends of Dylan, Drake and Vedder"

Analogsoul / Recordlabel / Germany Full review

"Tim Schmidt is back! Swedish singer / songwriter with the rasping voice and brilliant fingerpicking has a new album out. last year we had the pleasure to publish “slower things”, his first official album. Even then, however, no first-timer but tim was a mature musician who developed his songs with great care, and rest /…/ The album “yaya river” is the logical continuation of “Slower Things” is: a perfect blend of American and British folk traditions poured into songs that are all lonesome and have an almost melancholy timelessness"

You Sound Great / Blog / Germany Full review

"With a voice somewhere between Bob Dylan and The Felice Brothers sings the Scandinavian in his mostly barren orchestrated pieces of rednecks, mockingbirds, and Arizona. This all sounds completely calm, completely fallen out of time and that is why it is wonderful"

Lira / Musicmagazine / Sweden Full review

”Feels very much like campfire music, that nice and cozy feel one would like to dream away to, when sitting tight with a loved one with blankets around the shoulders”

Minor 7th / Blog / USA Full review

"Tim Schmidt’s dexterous acoustic guitar-playing throughout Slower Things (which actually includes up-tempo cuts) is simply extraordinary as he displays a myriad of well honed technical skills including fleet finger-picking, harmonics, hammer ons, pull-offs, and trills in the grand tradition of such legends as John Fahey, Richard Thompson, and Leo Kottke/…/ you can detect traces of Dylan, Guthrie, Seeger, and perhaps David Von Ronk in Schmidt’s gruff delivery/…/.. posses a dreamlike veneer which afforded kindred progressive folkies such as Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake (albeit belatedly) and Tim Buckley a huge audience"

Slowcoustic / Blog / Canada Full review

"this is what Dylan and Nick Drake would have been if they did that whole teleportation experiment in “The Fly”, just saying’)"

Common Folk Meadow / Blog / Germany Full review

"meant to be consumed like a very good, very dry red wine"

The Music critic / Blog / UK Full review Grade: 4/5

"Swedish singer/songwriter Schmidt could never be accused of being work shy with a schedule of non stop touring across Europe and self releasing his material to a growing fan base /…/ bring to mind the early work of English troubadour Martin Stephenson or Paul Simon /…/There are many songwriters out there just ploughing their own furrow, totally untouched by the commercialism that is rampant in music. Schmidt is one of those musicians and I say god bless them".